Farewell and Good Luck

Marc Koolen Retires After 42 Years of Teaching at PA

One of the joys of working in two different departments is the great people you meet and share your days with  (for those of your who don’t know, I split my time between the Division of Natural Science and the Theatre and Dance Department). One of those great people is Marc Koolen, Biology Instructor. This was his last year at PA – retiring after 42 years of teaching here! I have not known him for very long, but I, like everyone else I have spoken to about him, have enjoyed my time here with him.

At the farewell ASM, Peyton McGovern, ’16 spoke about Mr. Koolen, which also accurately sums up my experience this year as well – “The way Mr. Koolen conducts himself embodies the goodness of the human spirit, and [he] has taught me two lessons that I believe are valuable for everyone here today. The first is to do every project you partake in with passion… the second is to add humor into your daily life as much as possible.”

The Science Division wishes him luck in this next chapter of his life, but he will be missed!

And a special thank you to the Science Division faculty and teaching fellows that will not be with us next year – good luck to Denise Alfonso, Adela Habib, Tom Kramer, and John Tortorello!

Please enjoy some “throwback” photos of Marc throughout his time here at Andover.